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Quality Assurance

Quality and value are foundational to our bottom line. Our long-lasting buildings are engineered to your exact specifications and manufactured with recyclable materials. Our flexible designs provide you with an aesthetically pleasing finished product and, as an engineered building system, leave wide-open options for future expansion.

Vulcan Steel is an IAS AC472-accredited company. Our facilities, as well as our business and manufacturing practices, are audited annually, confirming that state-of-the-industry quality is built into every Vulcan process and every element of a building manufactured by the Vulcan team. Learn about IAS AC472 through this short video, Why Accreditation Matters.

As we are a volume buyer of raw steel, we have the advantage of bulk purchasing of high-quality ASTM steel-specified materials from competitive steel mills.

All hand welding is performed by certified welders. Our sub-arc automatic welding line for creating three-piece plate columns and rafters has produced thousands of rigid frames that make up the primary structure of each of our long-lasting buildings.

We also offer the best coatings in the industry as our standard practice. All components of your metal building are fabricated using first-grade, top-quality materials, manufactured under strict quality controls.

All Vulcan Steel buildings and components are warranted, including the paint systems used for our 26- and 24-gauge roofing and wall panels. All building parts are pre-painted to enhance lifespan and even the fasteners we use are warranted against rusting or staining. In addition, we offer weathertightness warranties, assuring you of an enduring, well-manufactured and erected product.

Quality also extends to a building’s appearance. That’s why we offer our exclusive trim profile. At Vulcan, we roll form our standard trim pieces to create a professional, aesthetically pleasing building exterior.

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