Projects: Specialty Buildings

American Muscle Car Museum

Melbourne, FL

The privately owned, solar-powered American Muscle Car Museum boasts over 123,000 square feet and houses over 325 cars in the collection of Mark Pieloch. Vulcan Steel Structures also supplied the 40 solar panel structures used to power the Melbourne, FL-based building.

Howard Gilman Waterfront Park Amphitheater

St. Marys, GA

The Howard Gilman Waterfront Park Amphitheater in St. Marys, GA, hosts a variety of events throughout the year. A diamond-shaped roof canopy with a 4 1/2/12 roof slope is supported by three large tube columns to create this unique presentation.

Kearney Center

Tallahassee, FL

The Kearney Center in Tallahassee, FL, provides overnight shelter and daytime services that connect clients with social service providers, case management, and housing-focused programs. This important project features curved rafters with a hip roof tie-in using a 16″ vertical leg standing seam roof.

Hazardous Materials Collection Center

Naples, FL

The Collier County Board of County Commissioners constructed this metal building as a hazardous materials collection center in order to protect the environment. The 12,950-square-foot facility is designed to remove hazardous materials from the regular solid-waste stream.

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