Projects: Education

Elberta High School gym interior

Elberta High School

Elberta, AL

The new gymnasium and field house is almost 30,000 square feet within 6 different structures all tied together: The complex is comprised of the gym, athletic offices, meeting rooms, training facilities, a football locker room, a concession area and more. For the building complex, Vulcan provided 24-gauge Kynar SL216 roof panels and Kynar PBR wall panels.

Ider High School Gym under construction

Ider High School

Ider, AL

This modern, comfortable 21,500 square foot, two building sports center will include competition spaces, support facilities and administrative offices for multiple athletic programs. The roof system is composed of 24-gauge Galvalume DL 324 panels and the walls are 24-gauge PBR panels. The liner panels on the interior walls are a 16-inch, perforated 24-gauge Artisan panel.  

Crossroad Academy Charter School has brick corner accents and a band of purple encircling the metal building’s exterior.

Crossroads Academy

Quincy, FL

Crossroad Academy Charter School of Quincy, FL, was designed to be an innovative educational institution. It features a 16″ standing seam, turned down roof system.

Florida's Foundation Academy is a tan, octagon-shaped metal building with a cupola atop a green standing seam roof.

Foundation Academy

Jacksonville, FL

This uniquely designed building is home to the Foundation Academy of Jacksonville, FL. It features a vertical leg standing seam roof with PBR wall panels.

An aerial of 15 buildings under construction that comprise the 82,000 sq ft known as Liberty High School in Bristol, Florida.

Liberty High School

Bristol, FL

The Bulldogs of Liberty High School in Bristol, FL, enjoy over 82,000 square feet in a 15-building campus connected by a number of hips and valleys.

University of Central Florida's 18,000-sq-ft metal building rowing center for women has glass walls facing Lake Picket.

University of Central Florida Rowing Facility

Orlando, FL

Over 18,000 square feet make up the University of Central Florida Intercollegiate Rowing Center on the banks of Lake Pickett in Orlando. The facility houses a traditional boathouse along with the team’s clubhouse, training center and locker room.

Colquitt County High School’s indoor multipurpose facility is ideal for football with its clear span metal building design.

Colquitt County HS Indoor Practice Facility

Moultrie, GA

​Colquitt County High School’s indoor practice facility is over 73,000 square feet and stands 48 feet high from the center of the field to the roof ridge. Located in Moultrie, GA, the 200′ x 375′ clear span building with a 36′ eave height features a standing seam roof and shadow rib wall panels.

An indoor tennis facility at Florida State University, Tallahassee uses a metal building system by Vulcan Steel Structures.

Florida State University Indoor Tennis Facility

Tallahassee, FL

Florida State University’s indoor tennis facility in Tallahassee was built for training and competition. The building hosts six regulation courts, locker rooms, an athletic training room, an equipment room, an office and a lobby.

A new addition at Sherwood Elementary School in Albany, Georgia, features a stunning green standing seam metal roof system.

Sherwood Elementary

Albany, GA

Sherwood Elementary School, located in Albany, GA, built this very attractive 14,573-square-foot addition utilizing a SuperLok standing seam roof system.

A metal building at Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College has metal wall panels mixed with masonry and a standing seam roof.

Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College

Orangeburg, SC

Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College is located in Orangeburg, SC. This 23,701-square-foot building features a 24-gauge Kynar Double-Lok standing seam roof and both a horizontal and vertical Galvalume 7.2 wall panel mixed with masonry walls.

A metal building day care facility in Sumter, South Carolina, features a green standing seam roof with valleys and canopies.

Day Care Center

Sumter, SC

This project in Sumter, SC, features a BL 216 standing seam roof. Vulcan Steel designed and fabricated this 10,593-square-foot system with valleys, canopies and a high/low condition. The walls were designed to receive brick.

This school is a traditional designed 17,676 sq. ft. metal building with brick walls, front entry arches and a metal roof.

Valwood School

Valdosta, GA

The Valiants enjoy this 17,676-square-foot Vulcan Steel building featuring a BL 216 Roof in Kynar finish. The BL 216 works especially well in valley conditions and the design includes Spandrel beams to support the brick walls. Additionally, artisan panels were used for a clean flat soffit finish.

This 10,000 square foot facility is desgined for students and researchers. This metal building is comprised of roof and wall panels and accented with brick.

UGA Tifton Campus: College of Veterinary Medicine Large Haul Facility

Tifton, GA

This almost 10,000 square foot UGA Tifton Campus: College of Veterinary Medicine- Large Haul-In Facility serves to enhance students’ and researchers’ abilities to serve the animal agricultural industry. Comprised of a 24 gauge UD 324 roof and 26 gauge Kynar PBR walls, it is accented with brick and includes 5″ overhang and eave extensions around the building.

This 10,000 square foot facility is desgined for students and researchers. This metal building is comprised of roof and wall panels and accented with brick.

South Georgia Technical College CDL Driving School

Americus, GA

South Georgia Technical College’s Commercial Truck Driving program recently opened its new building on the college’s campus in Americus, Georgia. This 3900 square foot single slope building features a 24-gauge Kynar, a BL216 roof system, and 24-gauge Kynar 16″ Masterline wall panels all complemented by a brick exterior.