“Once a conventional project is put out for bid and the cost comes in, my customers are often frustrated with the high cost. I redesign it using a metal building from Vulcan Steel Structures to cut costs substantially, while keeping the same look.
For instance, we redesigned a conventional city hall project that originally cost an estimated $3.5 million. Using a metal building from Vulcan Steel Structures, we increased the size of the building by an entire second story while completing the job at $1.4 million.

New unified development plans in many cities call for masonry fronts and certain appearances that plain metal buildings can’t meet. Vulcan Steel Structures provides metal building designs that meet the requirements, and when you see the finished product, you say, ‘No way is that a metal building.‘

Vulcan Steel Structures has been the one company that has always responded the quickest and taken care of me the best. Vulcan Steel Structures responds quickly to issues in the field. When I put up a building, if there is a clip or screw missing, within 24 hours it is overnighted to me at no charge. There are no arguments, no questions. That kind of response saves me in downtime.

There isn’t a building design problem that I’ve given Vulcan Steel Structures that they haven’t found a solution to. Their team of architects and engineers look at a project design and make it work, incorporating conventional design with a metal building design.

Some companies will sell you a building and pick up their check. Vulcan Steel Structures works with you on project design to meet your customers’ needs. I’ve been a general contractor since 1981. I’ve enjoyed my time constructing commercial buildings with Vulcan Steel Structures for the last 15 years—more so than any other time I’ve been in the construction business.”

Guy Auger
GRA Construction, Inc.
Southport, North Carolina

“Adkison Steel has been erecting Vulcan Steel Structures for over 20 years and I find their structures to be great quality. The pre-fabricated steel structures are built to your specifications from the ground up.

I fully recommend Vulcan Steel Structures to anyone needing a building of any kind fabricated.”

Willie Adkison
Adkison Steel
Newville, Alabama

“In metal buildings, design is important, as well as cost and service. We get all three from Vulcan Steel Structures.

We’ve built high-rises, stadiums, condos and manufacturing facilities. We even do special projects, the most recent being a 120,000-square-foot muscle car museum. Vulcan Steel Structures provides quick service to help me meet my customers’ needs.

Vulcan Steel Structures also provides design support and cost control in their building projects. That helps me come in with a fixed price for my customers.”

Tom Davis
Tom Davis Construction Inc.
Melbourne, Florida

Regarding Vulcan’s Building Kits:

“Being here to witness how well it went together confirmed that I made the right decision in choosing Vulcan.”

Richard A. Stalvey, CPA

R. A. Stalvey Consulting & Training, LLC

“I’ve worked with Vulcan Steel Structures for 10 years. My salesman provides good support, so I really don’t shop with other metal building vendors.

Metal buildings are fire-rated and offer longer spans than traditional wood. We use Vulcan Steel Structures on all our projects. If they say it’s going to be there, it’s there.”

Johnny Langenbach
Langenbach Construction Co. LLC
Fairhope, Alabama

“The erection of our building was very smooth. It bolted together extremely well and made the construction process move along quickly. When we did have a question, our Vulcan rep was quick to respond. We will definitely buy from Vulcan in the future.”

Marty Smith
Marty’s Construction Company
Grove Oak, Alabama

“Freeman & Associates has been in the business 61 years. When choosing a steel building manufacturer, I look for schedule, pricing, and the quality of workmanship. Vulcan Steel Structures offers all three.

Warranty is important to me. Do what you say you’re going to do and back your product. I get that assurance with Vulcan Steel Structures.”

David Hawkins
Executive Vice President
Freeman & Associates, Inc.
Columbus, Georgia

“I’ve been in the construction industry for 36 years. Quality control and design flexibility are big issues for me. Vulcan Steel Structures meets those needs.

I’ve built homes, schools, golf course facilities and other buildings, and have had to come up with some strange ideas to make things work. That’s what keeps me in business. If I come up with a crazy idea, Vulcan Steel Structures somehow always provides a solution.

I’ve been building metal buildings for 20 years. Metal buildings offer the opportunity to have larger spaces with larger spans. They go up much faster than regular construction. Vulcan Steel Structures provides a quality product with great customer service and an engineering team that can deliver design solutions.

The quality of their product is No.1.”

Joe Carleton
J. Carleton Contracting, Inc.
Islip, New York

“Most of the projects that we erect are not your typical pre-engineered metal buildings, but are much more complex. We put up a lot of different pre-engineered metal buildings and find that Vulcan buildings fit up the best. They especially do a great job on complex projects. We really like erecting their buildings.”

Justin Sayer
Ironrock Commercial Construction, LLC
Sanford, Florida