Hamburgers, Hot Dogs and Family!


As we approach a three-day weekend, many of us are preparing to kick off summer with family cookouts, an outing to the beach, or maybe even fishing at your favorite spot. Memorial Day is the unofficial start of Summer. The official start comes June 21 with the Summer Solstice. 

I know everyone at Vulcan Steel is looking forward to a few days of family fun as this first half of the year has been very busy. Later in the newsletter, you’ll learn about some of the recent projects we’ve been awarded, including one that is already underway that our angler friends will be glad to hear about.

We are very grateful for the continued partnerships that we have with all our contractors, erectors, architects, and others who choose Vulcan Steel for their buildings. 

I hope everyone has a safe Memorial Day weekend and takes a moment to join me in remembering those who made the ultimate sacrifice serving our country throughout the years.  

Until next time,


Vulcan News: In the Pipeline

Vulcan Steel Structures recently was selected to manufacture the Agricultural Technology Center for the Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College in Tifton, GA. The new building is 31,184 square feet and is slated to open late in 2023.

The project includes a pre-engineered steel structure with brick veneer and a high-bay, clear span shop to support the large-scale equipment necessary for modern agricultural engineering technology, precision agriculture, and forestry program operations; a separate high bay clear span covered structure for livestock and animal science instruction, youth programs, equipment operation, and display, and other related activities that would benefit from a covered open-air venue; and central connector space including restrooms, service space, instructional space, office and service space, and facility storage.

Dr. Mark Kistler, Dean of the School of Agriculture and Natural Resources, believes the construction of the new Agricultural Technology Center broadens the foundation for programs that are already on the move. “The new Agricultural Technology Center provides much-needed facilities for our growing Agricultural Technology and Systems Management program,” Kistler said.  “The covered, open-air multi-purpose space can be used for numerous types of teaching and demonstration activities.”


Industry News: The Price of Safety; The True Cost of Training

By Jennifer Heimburger, President, Metal Building Contractors & Erectors Association

We have come a long way from the days depicted in the iconic image “Lunchtime atop a Skyscraper.” The photo, taken by Charles C. Ebbets in 1932 during the construction of the RCA Building (also known for where “30 Rock” of TV fame was set) at Rockefeller Center, shows a number of steelworkers sitting on a girder dangling above New York City. There was not a harness in sight. This was typical for the day. But a far cry from any job site today.


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