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A Medical Solution in Metal

In Milton, Florida, the Santa Rosa Medical Group needed a new clinic to provide primary care services to patients throughout North Santa Rosa County. Due to COVID 19-related delays in obtaining construction materials, they chose a nontraditional option for the medical community – a metal building from Vulcan Steel Structures.

The contractor, Hanto + Clarke, worked with Vulcan through every step of the process. Stephen Clarke, Vice President of Operations, praised Vulcan for both customer service and engineering expertise. “If there’s an issue, they have a solution right away,” Clarke said. “The biggest compliment that we give them and the reason we suggest them is for their customer service and their willingness to adapt.”

Clarke commended the Vulcan engineers throughout the Santa Rosa project. He said, “They excel because they have the ability to think outside the box. They work with us. They understand the expectations that owners have.”

Vulcan provided the rigid frames, purlins and roof system and a wind beam for the walls to be attached. The building is 86’ x 88’ x 17.5’ with a 24-gauge Galvalume DL324 roof.

“Vulcan is willing to listen,” stated Clarke. “They like to call meetings with the engineering team, with the fabrication team to discuss the feasibility and the ins and outs and the nuts and bolts, and they keep you in tune throughout the process.”

The teamwork, communication and expertise benefitted this customer by saving both time and money. According to Clarke, “The combination of the metal building, structural steel, high gauge steel studs and such would usually take months to figure out.” Together with Vulcan, “we solved the problem in two to three weeks and were able to give the owner a building six months faster,” he said. “We saved the owner almost $200,000 just by going with this setup.”

Since metal buildings are not common in the medical community, the client had many reservations. Clarke was easily able to overcome those concerns by assuring the client that Vulcan specialized in communication and flexibility. “After walking them through the process, we went through the cost analysis and schedule analysis to show them that we could do it, and show them similar projects from the past that we had done with metal buildings,” said Clarke. Vulcan is “willing to put in the time with you — to make whatever you want out of a metal building.

“Everyone [at Vulcan] seems to help one another voluntarily because of that personal relationship that we all have with one another,” Chris said. As one of Vulcan’s newer employees, at only one year, Chris enjoys the teamwork.

Chris travels the Southern U.S., interacting with industry experts, representing Vulcan and developing personal relationships. He is fascinated by how all aspects of the construction industry tie together and is proud to hear people compliment Vulcan as a leader in the construction industry.

Industry News

Vincent Sagan, PE, MBMA’s senior staff engineer, and Daniel A. Martin, PE, CFEI, CVFI, with Jensen Hughes, authored “Fire Protection Innovation in Metal Buildings,” in the November edition of Metal Construction News.

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