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You Can’t Judge a Book by The Cover!

Rock and roll pioneer Bo Diddley’s song “You Can’t Judge a Book by The Cover’ could never be truer when looking at the new Ephrata Borough Wastewater Treatment Plant in Ephrata, PA.

This unassuming building rates a “10” on the Metal Building Manufacturer’s Association (MBMA) scale for the complexity of a project’s design and detailing requirements. The wastewater treatment plant qualified as a Complexity 10 project according to the MBMA due to the intricate details that are required for both the overall usage of the building, as well as to add to the aesthetics.

Several key elements contributed to this rating:

  • The project involved a transverse crane system, used to remove the rotating assembly from the centrifuges inside the building.
  • Vulcan also designed false rafters to be used in this project, which is an efficient method for two buildings of different heights to be tied together without having to add an entirely new frame line to do so.
  • Structural loads were added to the design of the building system so that the building could support mezzanines constructed by others.
  • The project included the point loads, special deflection limits, unsymmetrical frames, changing building widths, galvanized steel members, and insulated metal roof and wall panels.

Even the exterior aesthetics added a level of complexity to the project by requiring the insulated metal panel (IMP) walls to change between vertical and horizontal orientation. Vulcan had no problem detailing the IMP walls to achieve the customer’s desired application method.

Ed describes the Vulcan team as a warm and welcoming group who have nurtured him in his new sales role. “I enjoy working with my great co-workers who have helped me with any questions or problems,” boasted Ed.

Because of the impeccable reputation of Vulcan Steel and its success stories, Ed can represent his new employer with confidence. His favorite part of his job is meeting with potential clients and explaining how Vulcan can enhance the client’s business by providing great building solutions.

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