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Vulcan Builds for America’s Heroes

Forget the showers. This April has Vulcan looking to the skies with pride. Vulcan is proud to announce a project that will be one of the largest pre-engineered metal building hangars in the state of Georgia.

Robins Air Force Base, located in Warner Robins, Georgia will be home to the Advanced Battle Management System (ABMS). This system will bring together information from all over the world about what’s happening in the air and space. Partnering with another Georgia business, ACC Construction Company, Inc., this project spanning over 125,000 square feet and comprising over 900 tons of steel, is fortified by years of experience in delivering dependable large metal buildings to customers.

The two hangars are similar—each with two 180’ x 25’-5” single slide hangar doors. One is 405’-4” x 183′ x 43’-6” while the other is slightly smaller at 405’-4” x 123’ x 43’-6”. The buildings feature 22 GA Kynar DL324 roof panels and 2”, 3”, and 4” insulated Kynar wall panels. These impressive hangars will quickly become a landmark on the base, which is the largest single-site industrial complex in Georgia.

We at Vulcan are deeply honored to contribute to a project that strengthens the backbone of the American military

Wes is a sales coordinator with just over seven years of experience at Vulcan. He sees each of his projects from conception to reality. “My favorite part of coordinating is the process,” said Wes. “Seeing projects start out on paper to what they end up looking like in the field is fulfilling.”

Vulcan Steel employees are united in one goal – to sell and deliver metal buildings to satisfied customers. “We all have the same goal,” Wes said. “My position allows me to work with every department at Vulcan Steel, and the family atmosphere is by far my favorite part. Everyone is approachable and works together to meet customer needs.”

Industry News

Metal buildings could solve urgent infrastructure needs for cities and counties

Written by Michael Keating

Local governments that require more space may be able to rely on metal structures, says Steve Browning, president/CEO at Vulcan Steel Structures, Inc. He also serves as a board member of the Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA), a national trade group.

“The ease of assembly and prefabrication associated with metal buildings allow for rapid construction, making them suitable for addressing urgent infrastructure needs,” Browning explains. He adds that metal structures are increasingly being used due to their cost-effectiveness and durability. Their adaptability, he says, enables them to be used to meet specific infrastructure requirements.